Friday, June 17, 2016

Obama Uses Memorial For Terrorist Victims In Orlando As Venue to Promote The Disarming of Americans

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  As usual President Obama used this solemn occasion as a platform to promote the selling of his
continued attempts to disarm our country.  He continues to exhibit behavior akin to no class and
caring only for his agenda.  In short he has been, since taking office in 2009, pushing his agenda
to "transform America" into a country that is divided.  Divided by his policies,decisions, and 
actions.  Prior to taking office we could depend upon our European allies to side with us to
deal with dangerous groups and events occurring in the Mideast and elsewhere.  Not so now as our credibility has fallen to new lows worldwide.  He will not, to this date, acknowledge the existence
of a worldwide assault on every culture and country that does not follow Islam.  He still
pushes the lack of  gun control as the biggest threat to America.  Studies have shown this idea he pushes is 
a lie but he continues to push this agenda at every opportunity.  combine that concept with the fact he is
a devout believer in the Islamic agenda and what have we got?  A society that is headed to extremely
difficult times.  His administration is an utter and complete joke.  The shooting in Orlando was not a result
of a home grown terrorist.  It was caused by a terrorist, most likely trained and indoctrinated by ISIS.
There will be many more to come.  Sadly, the Liberals, Democrats, Gays and other far left wing groups
will find out too late that the Obama/Transform America crowd is leading them down the path to
a socialist society that will only benefit those in positions of power.

If  you think Hillary will be your savior and bring us to Utopia you are a special breed of stupid.  All she has 
offered is a third term of Obama.  And we all know how that has turned out now don't we?  

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