Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drones for domestic control?


Drones for Domestic Control?

  After what I've seen from the current administration I'm not at all warm and fuzzy with the concept of using drones to eliminate enemies of the state.  Who would make the decision, what evidence would the decision be made upon and most importantly (post Benghazi fiasco) I do not have any confidence in any decision this administration will make concerning these matters.  What about the Constitutional protections that apply to all citizens of the country as well as those that are guests?  Once that veil of protection is broken who is an enemy? The picture gets real cloudy.  These decisions will be made behind closed doors without any type of legal review whatsoever and accountability will disappear under the guise of National Security.

I won't even discuss collateral damage which will most assuredly occur.  


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez (Sean Penn's hero)
Wednesday March 6, 2013

     I wondered how long it would be until this guy passed on - the wait is, at last, over.  The lack of news associated with his illness was a giveaway that his time was not far off.  Loved by some and despised by others Chavez seemed hellbent on irritating as many people as possible, especially those of us that are Americans.  He was never a real threat to the U.S. and his political antics directed at American activities and attitudes were often laughed at by those same recipients of his silly attacks.   But his real issue was jealousy of the prosperity of the American people in general.  He was in reality nothing more than a petty, wannabe, little South American dictator.  His friendship with Uncle Fidel showed his true character. What particularly caught my attention as I watched the news early this morning was the mournful crap coming from Sean Penn - that mental giant and moral guide.  (CBS News)  I would venture to say his response is typical for the large numbers of Hollywood elite (self-proclaimed) that are so far left and out of touch with reality their reasoning is really one of arrogance and simple stupidity.  They don't understand that you can show love and kindness to those that would destroy our country and still take one between the eyes from the very people they admire.  Mr. Penn is not the only jackass out there:  Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Dennis Rodman (suckin' up to that little pimp in N. Korea) to name a few more.