Sunday, June 12, 2016

Domestic Terrorist Murders Fifty Innocent American Citizens In Orlando NightClub

Orlando Shooter Omar Marteen

As more information is made available about this terrorist we find that he has been on the FBI's threat screen since 2013.  Just because he was a natural born citizen (his parents arrived in the U.S. from Afghanistan some years back)  does not mean he cannot become radicalized in the ways of Islamic terrorism.  We've seen this before.  A case could be made that all the unvetted Middle Eastern immigrants allegedly leaving their respective countries could become enemies of America.  Much of the blame for these types of attacks lies directly at the feet of the likes of Obama, Hillary
Clinton and others that push the idea that America has a responsibility to provide for these so-called refugees.
I firmly disagree.

A good source of the Islamic Demographics in Western
Europe can be found in the book written by
Mark Steyn "America Alone"

Most of your questions will be answered by Mr. Steyn's Book - The
Demographic information will (or should) scare the hell out of you as the situation in Britain, France, Germany and other
Western Countries in Europe are really feeling the onslaught of the Radical Islamic invasion.
I could go on and on but remember this:  When the politicians begin to sell the concept of removing firearms from the average law-abiding citizen in America as they have been doing for years, you and your family's' ability to protect
yourelves ceases to exist.  It is obvious that the current administration and the one that will follow if Bernie
or Hillary are elected to the Presidency that the risk will increase greatly.  They ignore the fact(s) that when
possession of firearms is outlawed only the lawless will be armed.  You can see this with what has happened
since Australia followed this line of reasoning.  Crime goes up exponentially.  Don't fall for that BS.


Goodbye Mr. Marteen and enjoy your trip as you navigate the river Styx on your the way to hell !                                   
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