Monday, July 18, 2016

Leslie Stahl Interview With Trump and Pence - Disastrous for CBS

I watched the CBS Interview last night hosted by Leslie Stahl and I was impressed at how well Trump and Pence were prepared for some of the questions they were asked.   As one would expect some of the questions were an attempt to elicit information that could be negative for Trump and company.  CBS and Stahl found our very quickly that baiting Trump was a mistake.  As a result CBS’ hit was a failure.  If you looked at the program schedule the Interview was not on the program schedule for Sunday’s  program schedule for 60 Minutes and all of the interview was not shown in that segment.Good thing as the segment shown did not work out well for CBS.  The balance of the interview was shown in a follow-up which is available via the link below  .Score a big one for Trump and Pence.

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