Monday, July 25, 2016

Wiki Leaks Prove DNC Rigged Primary Voting In Favor Of Hillary Clinton

The WikiLeaks will prove to be a serious
problem for the DNC in the next few days as  the Democratic Convention opens.  Hacked documents and e-mails have already caused the downfall of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a rabid supporter of the Democrat darling Hillary Rodham Clinton. Schultz will resign as DNC Chair but as of this writing she will open the convention.  She has been viewed by leading Democrats in the DNC that she was actively engaged in assuring that only Clinton would get the nomination.  Sanders had previously endorsed Hillary as the nominee for President.This endorsement came prior to the the release of the WikiLeaks.  Will he (or can he) withdraw his endorsement?  The leaks prove he was correct in his assessment that the system was rigged. There have been rumors that some of the Super Delegates are not pleased with information contained in the Wiki Leaks and may call for a change in the rules that would allow them to change how they can vote.  If a rule change is aggressively pursued this convention could evolve into a disaster for Democrats - HRC may lose the nomination.  Some of the hacked documents can be found in the links below.  As for the Latino voting block, some of the documents show disrespect for this Democratic group of voters.  Typically Latino voters choices for public office tend to be generational, meaning this could reduce the chances of future Democratic candidates.  One such tweet referring to a statement made by  Hillary during DNC private discussions was described as demeaning to Latinos.    I had not really planned to watch the Dem Convention but have changed my mind. I will watch the opening and go from there. It could be a comedy of errors based on what is now coming out.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Large Crowd of Hillary Supporters Waiting to Hear Her Speak!

More Hillary Supporters

Leslie Stahl Interview With Trump and Pence - Disastrous for CBS

I watched the CBS Interview last night hosted by Leslie Stahl and I was impressed at how well Trump and Pence were prepared for some of the questions they were asked.   As one would expect some of the questions were an attempt to elicit information that could be negative for Trump and company.  CBS and Stahl found our very quickly that baiting Trump was a mistake.  As a result CBS’ hit was a failure.  If you looked at the program schedule the Interview was not on the program schedule for Sunday’s  program schedule for 60 Minutes and all of the interview was not shown in that segment.Good thing as the segment shown did not work out well for CBS.  The balance of the interview was shown in a follow-up which is available via the link below  .Score a big one for Trump and Pence.